ko͞oˈto͝orēər, noun: couturier; plural noun: couturiers a fashion designer who manufactures and sells clothes that have been tailored to a client's specific requirements and measurements.

Pairings for the Holidays

lined cotton dress with pockets the best all year round dress EVER
sleeveless wool dress with the best most luscious sheen for extra glamour. pockets baby!

The Stop and Second Harvest Dress

It's the season for giving and  Koocoo is donating the entire proceeds of this very one of a kind dress (made from left over scrap fabrics) to The Stop and Second Harvest, cause food and how we treat it is soooo important to all of us. The dress is a med and has lots of great stretch. Should the need arise altering is no problem at all.            It's very reasonably priced at $135.

Too hot for titles

a custom design with fabric she bought herself from Australia :)

Butterfly Haven

In the works ...
Shirt coming soon! In a couple different colours and patterns 
mix and match patterns if you want to