ko͞oˈto͝orēər, noun: couturier; plural noun: couturiers a fashion designer who manufactures and sells clothes that have been tailored to a client's specific requirements and measurements.

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~~ Fall 2015 ~~

~~ Scarves Exploration ~~

Ok these next few kill me! I love them! They Double as wall hangings

Here are some fun explorations of Ice dying! 
It makes a different pattern each time so there is absolutely no way you get two alike, 
no matter how hard you tried.

These were all dyed on a very soft cotton gauze, which is super light weight keeps you warm but also has breathability.

a square wool wrap scarf super soft and fantastic for an everyday casual look
Here are two cozy wool and silk infinity scarves that are fantastically soft to the touch!
100% Silk Scarves ~ sold out ~