ko͞oˈto͝orēər, noun: couturier; plural noun: couturiers a fashion designer who manufactures and sells clothes that have been tailored to a client's specific requirements and measurements.


HuffPost Canada - Five Handmade Fashion Brands for Your Special Someone

Last but not least! Amongst some fabulous fashion brands that make their pieces by hand, Kristen talks about my handmade scarves. 

Magnifeco - ChangeMakers Series 

A lovely little write up about a "series that highlights some really amazing work that is fuelled by a passion and desire to change the world through sustainable efforts".

Lula and Sailor - ECO WINTER - based in L.A.
Some great shots of my take on an Anna Karina dress from "Pierrot Le Fou". Kelly, a Los Angeles based Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger,  came to Toronto to shoot some of my pieces!

Freedom Clothing - Spring 2012 from Freedom Clothing Collective on Vimeo.

Mini, adorably cute, Clock Video