ko͞oˈto͝orēər, noun: couturier; plural noun: couturiers a fashion designer who manufactures and sells clothes that have been tailored to a client's specific requirements and measurements.

Collaboration w Amanda Schoppel

I love collaborations! They are ingenious! To share ideas, brainstorm and plan with someone else is thrilling. No two people think alike, so the beautiful creations that come about and the new pool of knowledge you get to dip in are always inspiring to me.
hang-tag draft/sample
 A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of having a chit chat with Amanda Schoppel at Freedom and wham bam "why don't we create something together?". Both initially being hesitant to add yet more work onto our proverbial plates it quickly turned into a thrilling productive idea exchange and setting up of plans.
KooCoo dress with Spring print / Amanda Schoppel illustrations
"I am an Artist (with thirteen years of experience in the visual arts) and a jeweler. I keep saying that I'm an 'Artist-Jeweler'... SO, recently I decided to combine them both in my professional life. I hope that by doing this, you will witness my discipline, and true dedication to my work - now and forever more!

Awake and Dreaming Designs often engage a sense of poetry, humour and an undying love for 'maximal minimalism'."

Here are some super lovelies all available at Freedom Clothing Collective!

There is so much more beauty to behold on Amanda's two websites, so be sure to take a look!

Drawings, prints, screens and garments are now in motion so check back soon to see where we end up!